Wednesday, 21 October 2009

#3 Themed Toothbrushes

At what point did companies like Oral-B decide to themselves; "People really seem to have had it with conventional and regular electric toothbrushes. We need to bring out one which claims to employ Cold War Submarine technology or people will simply stop brushing"?

It is perhaps the names of these sinister instruments of oral care that make them so unappealing. They come straight out of the Transformers films, "The Philips Cybersonic" being a prime example. However, it is the combination of plastic and rubber that just make them unbearable to hold, especially when paired with the fact that brushing with them feels strangely similar to holding a phone set to vibrate in ones mouth.

Last, but not least, the 'settings' available push these, in my opinion, into the list. They read like the sign outside a unidentified building in an alley in Bangkok. 'Superclean, Sensitive, Massage'. There is also a sub-setting which can be used in conjunction with the other settings, which allow you to choose 'Maxcare' or 'Hi-Care'. This just seems to be a case of toothbrush company marketing meeting putting an assortment of superlatives and pleasant-sounding verbs into a hat and drawing them out in pairs.

Attic rating: 4/10

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