Thursday, 29 October 2009

#15 Baby On Board Signs

Female sinistry is an altogether more complex affair than its standard mac-wearing, binocular-toting male equivalent. Women are not overtly sinister; but they employ a number of strategic sinister practices (SSP), largely directed against other women.

Take 'Baby on Board' signs. These are not safety devices or public information announcements; they are advertisements. And not the nice self-empowering you-can-do-it kind; the you-don't-have-this-so-your-life-is-shit kind. If you peer very closely, you can see etched on to the rear windscreen, to the left of the sign: 'I have a...', and to the right: '...Where is yours, You Slag?'

You can now get a badge for traveling on the tube with the same catchphrase. I suppose it is supposed to be funny - 'How could a woman have a baby 'on board'? Oh! I see! She's sort-of referring to herself as a vehicle! HA!' The badge does solve the 'fat woman or pregnant' (fwop) dilemma, at least in theory, but it also functions as a small but potent slap in the ovaries to the other women in the carriage.

The invisible, intangible, slapping of another woman's ovaries in public may not appear that sinister. But it is, when you think about it.

Attic rating: 6.66/10

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