Wednesday, 21 October 2009

#2 Wine Gums

It goes without saying that a terrific variety of confectionery could be considered slightly sinister, and the range of characters associated with them would need a whole blog of their own (some, such as the almost incredibly sinister Milky Bar Kid, will almost certainly appear later on). 

However, especially creepy of their own accord are Maynard’s Wine Gums. These horrible little bags of mystery are purchased and offered only by sinister figures: grandparents at pantomimes, godfathers at Shakespeare’s Globe, parents of friends of the family in Jaguars. Are they sweet? Are they sour? Do they actually contain alcohol? Such small sweets, so many questions; they’re like little gelatinous metaphors for date rape. One thing is certain: “would you like a wine gum” is one of the most sinister questions you can ask in any situation, and for that reason they make the list.

Attic Rating: 5/10

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